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Corby Community Energy is bringing together businesses and residents to create a connected community and a smart energy revolution for Corby. Connected to create combined benefits through a managed micro-grid aimed at keeping your energy costs low, long term.

Now that’s real people power!

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See and Save. Together

As a member of the community micro-grid you can see what you’re using, see what it’s costing and see how you compare to similar homes or businesses in your community. Know your secure data is helping to build a cheaper, cleaner energy future for you and for Corby

Reduce your home energy costs
As a member you receive a Smart Home Energy kit that lets you see what energy you use and start to control it to reduce your costs. To start saving immediately you have the option, and we can help you, to switch your energy supplier. We also alert you when its time to switch again and Community Energy sends you tips and suggestions to reduce your bills based on your personal circumstances.
Through your smartphone or computer, you can see, real-time, what you’re consuming, control your appliances remotely, schedule their usage time and set alerts for unusual consumption, making it easy to take control and save. As part of the connected community regular reports help you benchmark your home or business against the best in Corby and helps us identify the best energy tariff for you.
Control and reduce energy costs in your business
As a member you get a Smart Business Energy installation so you can see what energy you use real-time and control it to reduce costs. To start saving immediately you also have the option, and we can help you, to switch your energy supplier. Community Energy will be your virtual energy manager, on hand and active with suggestions and guidance to reduce costs based on your business circumstances.

Feel supported to save

Our local team will support you to connect to the community, to switch supplier if that will benefit you and provide continuous support to minimise energy costs. Combined with your energy data Community Energy will keep you protected from changes in energy costs and legislation.

Switch and Save
Switching energy supplier is a quick and easy way to start saving straight away. You may have done it before but if not, or if you want some support as a member of Community Energy we are here to find you the best deal. Through you Community Energy dashboard we also alert you when your current tariff offer is ending or a better offer is available. Call us on 01536 388026
Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency
Savings through Energy Efficiency
By understanding your energy consumption through your Community Energy dashboard and having easy ways to control it through our system you can start reducing consumption and saving more. As a domestic or business member there will be things you can do to improve energy efficiency, whether that’s using energy at cheaper times, optimising equipment, or improving your premises and we're here to help.
Local People
Local Team
On hand to support you
Community Energy is based in Corby, so we're on hand to speak to directly or to come out to your business or your home. Our team at Corby Enterprise Centre is also supported by local partners like Utility Bidders and ECS and national experts from Resero Power and the National Energy Foundation.

A smart grid sharing local power

The UK's electricity network is a marvellous thing but it’s under increasing pressure, which means locally generated energy rarely benefits the local community as it could or should. Connecting together through Community Energy will mean we can create a Smart Network to reduce local energy costs and help the grid at the same time.

Renewable energy
Renewable energy
Low carbon renewable energy
Electricity is already being generated across Corby, whether its solar on roof tops, wind farms or within businesses. Community Energy will not only make better use of this local generation but through the Smart Network we will enable and support the installation of more renewable generation than the grid is currently able to make room for.
Benefiting from connecting to the smart network
If your home has solar panels often, during the day when you're at work you will be exporting electricity you don't use to the grid, at a fixed (low) price. Trading that energy in a connected community would earn more for you and allow those in the community without solar to get cheaper energy. The smart bit is Community Energy takes the strain by automating these kinds of Peer-2-Peer arrangements
Schools and communities benefiting each other
Schools with solar panels could benefit their budgets by selling weekend energy to the local community for more than the grid would pay but still at a discount for residents or businesses. Schools without panels could buy energy from local homes when it’s not being used, again benefiting schools, residents and businesses. Community Energy takes the strain by automating these arrangements.
Factories & Businesses
Factories and busineses
Some industrial and commercial business generate some or all of their own energy or have back-up generators - many have neither. Connecting to our smart network means Peer-2-Peer trading benefits you whichever position you're in with either a higher price for electricity you produce and don't use or a lower cost for what you have to buy. The smart bit is Community Energy automates this for you.
Energy Storage
Energy storage will play a role in providing flexibility in our Smart Network, balancing demand and supply, and enabling a more rapid introduction of intermittent renewable generation. Storage also allows us to shift when energy is used, so consumers and suppliers can take advantage of time based price changes or avoid peak transmision and distribution costs.
A 21st Century electricity network
Users and generators connected to a smart system gives detailed data to more precisely balance local supply and demand than is currently possible, reducing costs in the system. It also creates the opportunity for local Peer-2- Peer energy trading, and the smart bit is Community Energy takes the strain by automating these arrangements to best meet the needs of everyone involved, including the grid

A smart energy revolution to benefit the community

Joining together as a connected community is the first stage of an energy revolution. Creating a smart network is the last and will ultimately allow us to offer members a cheaper, cleaner, local energy tariff beating normal market tariffs.

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Join the revolution

We’re just at the start of the Smart Energy Revolution. Building a connected community puts Corby at the forefront, leading the way as one of the fastest, most future focused communities in the UK. If you'd like to benefit and be kept up to date, register your interest.

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Savings at each stage
Savings will build up as Community Energy grows. Connecting and switching can save 15% or more on bills for most consumers. Cutting wasted consumption can save another 15% in many businesses and homes. Creating a cheaper local energy tariff will help us achieve our 40% target.
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